Saturday, 11 June 2011

Platinum One Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring

Handcrafted by leading diamond cutter Leo Schachter, the Leo Diamond is cut to reflect light like no other diamond. It's the first diamond to be independently measured for its fire and brilliance. This ring has a stunning Leo Diamond as its centrepiece and has a secret brilliant cut diamond in its band, contributing to the overall carat weight. Visibly brighter, the Leo Diamond forms the breathtaking centrepiece of an exquisite collection of diamond jewellery.

Birthstone: April
Brand: Leo Diamond
Diamond: 1 carat
Cut: 66 Facet Cut
Diamond clarity: SI2
Diamond colour: I
Material: Platinum
Stone setting: Claw
Stone shape: Brilliant (round)
Stone style: Solitaire
Stone type: Diamond
Height: 0.7 cm
Width: 0.3 cm

Price: £9999

Beautiful, isn't it?


  1. It's beautiful, it would make a really nice wedding ring!

  2. Price: £9999. It's not expensive at all.

  3. :O that's beautiful yes, expensive too.

  4. its nice, bet it looks better in person

  5. So wait...there is actually a real Leo behind the Leo Cut Diamonds on tv? I thought it was just a slang term.

  6. NOW THIS I will get my wife

  7. lol, if only i had 10grand :)

  8. nice, one of these for my lovely girl hahahaha, not a coconut ring and she will be happy 4ever

  9. might get it for my gf... if she sucks me off 10 times a day evereyday until the end of time

    How to Hack Life.

  10. Man...that's the most gorgeous platinum ring I've ever seen.