Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shared-setting band ring

Handcrafted by leading diamond cutter Tiffany, the Diamond is cut to reflect light like no other diamond. It's the first diamond band ring to be independently measured for its fire and brilliance. This ring has a stunning Tiffany cut diamond in its band, contributing to the overall carat weight. Visibly brighter, the ring forms the breathtaking centrepiece of an exquisite collection of diamond.

^ The first ring (band ring) on the finger.

Birthstone: April
Brand: Tiffany
Diamond: 1 carat
Cut: Half circle
Diamond clarity: VS
Diamond colour: G
Material: Platinum
Stone Weight: .91
Stone shape: Brilliant (round)
Stone style: Solitaire
Stone type: Diamond
Height: 0.7 cm
Width: 0.3 cm